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Trading Investment Whatsapp group


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Group name: Trading Investment Whatsapp Group

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Trading Investment Whatsapp Group

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      • Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
        We are looking for sales representatives from different countries regarding the sales of grandidierite from Madagascar …..I and my team are professional harvesters of this rare stones from Madagascar where we can’t make sales please contact me via watssap for comprehensive details ……….+233243806477 ….any rep stands to gain 20% off sales made ..

        DATA VALUE
        Name Grandidierite
        Crystallography Orthorhombic. Crystals elongated and not well formed; massive.
        Refractive Index 1.583-1.639
        Colors Blue-green.
        Luster Vitreous.
        Fracture Uneven
        Hardness 7.5
        Specific Gravity 2.85-3.0
        Birefringence 0.037-0.039
        Cleavage Perfect 1 direction, good 1 direction
        Dispersion Very strong.
        Luminescence None.
        Transparency Gem material is translucent to transparent. Generally opaque.
        Absorption Spectrum Absorption line at 479 nm.
        Formula (Mg,Fe)Al3BSiO9.
        Pleochroism Strong: dark blue-green/colorless/ dark green.
        Optics a = 1.583-1.602; β = 1.618-1.636; γ = 1.622-1.639. Biaxial (-), 2V = 30°.
        Etymology After Alfred Grandidier, a French explorer who described the natural history and geography of Madagascar.
        Occurrence Generally in pegmatites.
        Inclusions Crystals (chlorapatite, monazite, zircon), two phase inclusions (vapor/liquid), needle-like channels, parallel growth planes.Identifying Characteristics

        Grandidierites display strong trichroic pleochroism. That means they can show three different colors depending on the viewing angle: dark blue-green, colorless (sometimes very light yellow), or dark green.

        While trichroism can usually help distinguish grandidierites from other gems, lazulites can occur with blue-green colors and show colorless/blue/dark blue pleochroism. They also appear cabbed and, more rarely, faceted. Nevertheless, lazulites have somewhat higher refractive indices (RI) and specific gravity (SG). Grandidierites also have greater hardness. Keep in mind that scratch tests for hardness should only be used as a last resort to identify rough. Don’t conduct this test on a finished gemstone.

        Grandidierites from Madagascar may have following properties (on the lower end of the typical range):

        RI: a = 1.583; γ = 1.622.
        SG: 2.85.Grandidierite has a hardness of 7.5, which makes it very resistant to scratching and ideal for jewelry use. However, it also has perfect and good cleavage in two directions, which makes it challenging to cut. Of course, its scarcity has also made this a relatively little known gemstone.

        Since its discovery in 1902, most gem-quality grandidierite has been translucent. Cabochons cut from this material look very attractive and may even appear jade-like. Recent discoveries of transparent material in Sri Lanka (around 2000) and a new deposit in Madagascar (2014) have resulted in beautiful, faceted gemstones.

        Grandidierites appear bluer in color the more iron (Fe) they contain. A recently discovered gemstone, blue ominelite is the Fe-analogue (Fe, Mg) to grandidierite (Mg, Fe).

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